New Syntetic Product for Hydraulic
Description: Hydraulic fluid Holv HFD U68 –is a synthetic lubricant made with synthetic esters with the addition of a highly efficient additive package with no content of zinc dithiophosphate. Specially designed for use in oil hydraulic systems which are characterized by increased operating temperature. Used in the delivery state, additional filtering is not required Main applications: - Mining - Metallurgy - Non-ferrous metallurgy - Production of glass Advantages: Hydraulic fluid Holv HFD U68 provides a mechanically stable additives that help maintain viscosity characteristics of the product in a wide temperature range(high viscosity index), even during long term operation, also allowing to reduce the temperature of the cold start, which allows you to use the product at low temperatures. -High fire resistance parameters -Excellent lubricating properties -Compatible with most sealers -Minimal toxicity and impact on human -Biodegradable at more than 95% -Cleanliness according to ISO 4406 -/13/10 NAS 1638 grade 5 Hydraulic fluid has an excellent resistance to wear and corrosion and also has high thermal and oxidative stability. Moreover, oil line of HFD U has excellent hydrolytic stability Compatibility: The product is compatible with other fluids and mineral oils of class HFD U. However, it is recommended to conduct a preliminary test by mixing of hydraulic fluids in the laboratory Hydraulic fluid Holv HFD U is not miscible with water and fluids on the basis of its Compatible with most metals and alloys, both ferrous and non-ferrous. When using alloys with a high content of zinc(Zn) or lead (Pb) require additional consultation with the representative of the Holv(